On Context Switching And Distractions

Distractions are all around us. In this day and age, it is almost impossible to carve out an uninterrupted good chunk time to work on complex projects that require deep focus. Can you relate to this calendar: one-on-one with your manager on Monday at 1pm, company all hands on Wednesday at 11am, a tech talk on Thursday at 3pm, compliance training at 2pm on Friday.Between  large meetings and other smaller ones scattered through the day, you have 1-hour slots to focus on project work. After each meeting,  your mind continues to wander; you feel distracted and not sure where you left off. By the time you come back to the present,  you realize that it is Friday at 5pm and you have not made any progress on your work. Context switching  is a productivity issue that affects almost everyone in a creative or analytical role. It is also personal and people deal with it differently.  


My Experience with COVID-19 in New York City

Two weeks into  march 2020, I got sick with the novel coronavirus(COVID-19). I live in Brooklyn and New York City is considered  the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.The scene of ambulances and eerily quiet from otherwise bustling streets has been hallowing. Fortunately, I fully recovered and felt that it was my obligation as a young person who was shaken by the experience, especially while navigating the strained New York hospital system during this tragic time, to share my experience.

I returned Home After a Decade

It was mid-July in 2017. The exact dates are still blurry as I have spent most of my time in the clouds, both literally and figuratively. I flew with Ethiopian Airlines which is the Toyota of airlines: very reliable and gets you where you need to go on time, but don’t expect to stretch your legs too far or catch a good night’s sleep. I wouldn’t be complaining either if it wasn’t for the long layovers in Addis-Ababa at Bore International Airport. You can already tell that this is an airport that was going through extensive transformation. One reviewer online( mentioned that “it has the appearance of an overcrowded train station where no one really knows what is happening” and that is as close to how my impression as you can get.